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Created by Chris Trenary and Gabriel Velicu for the 2019 Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam (August 2nd-4th)

Subject_001: The game where you're your own worst enemy!

The theme of this year's jam was "only one." This game takes advantage of this concept for both the story and the gameplay!

Premise - ONLY ONE CHARACTER: In the game, the player attempts to break out of an underground science facility that has become overrun with evil clones of themselves. As a result, there is only one character in the entire game, as every enemy is a copy of the player!

Gameplay - ONLY ONE STAT BAR: As a result of the cloning process, you have come to rely on a new energy source to survive: GOOP! Goop acts as both your health points and the ammo source for your gun, making it the only player stat in the game. Thus, every time you shoot, you inch closer to death, and every time you restore your health, you can fire more shots.

Because the player's health and ammo are one in the same, they must shoot sparingly and accurately in order to stay alive and reach the facility's exit, fighting through hoards of clones and picking up Goop and other collectibles along the way. 

We hope you enjoy playing!

Install instructions

The download contains a .zip folder. Download and extract the file, then open the application to play the game.


Subject_001 - GMTK Game Jam 2019.zip 17 MB

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